Writing Sex

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Jesse's Studio

This week we’re looking at writing sex in fiction, whether romance or any other genre.

  • Tuesday – What’s With Sexy? Why are we including sex?
  • Wednesday – Getting Sexy, Looking at the importance of emotion when writing sex.
  • Thursday – Metaphorically Sexy, The difference between using metaphors in a sex scene and writing metaphorical sex.
  • Friday – Realistically Sexy, A list of important points to consider when writing sex and a few quick fixes.
  • Saturday – A new episode of Rum Cove

Graphic showing the ebook and paperback of Victorian Mistress

Victorian Mistress, the edited version featuring bonus story First Meetings, is now 0.99 on Kindle in the UK, US, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

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2 thoughts on “Writing Sex

  1. Excellent point! 🙂 I sometimes have written about “touchy” issues that felt a little bit TOO real to some, it feels sort of awkward. But definitely: non-fiction is not exactly IMpossible! Do you have any first-hand experience you’d like to share? 😛


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