I’m interested in learning more about how crime discourses — cultural representations of and engagements with ‘crime’ — are shaped by, and shape, identities, communities, and structures that we take for granted

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Who do you like learning about crime discourse from? Who are the journalists, cultural critics, or crime podcasters that you love? You know, the intermediaries who talk about the ways that others talk about crime? The folks who sift through crime narratives and re-narrate them for you in a way that satisfies both your interest in crime and your sense of critical analysis?


Genre is used to group various types of art according to a predictable range of features and expectations

Types of genre

  1. ​Action Genre
  2. Animation Genre
  3. Comedy Genre
  4. Crime Genre
  5. Drama Genre
  6. Experimental Genre
  7. Fantasy Genre
  8. Historical Genre
  9. Horror Genre
  10. Romance Genre
  11. Science Fiction Genre
  12. Thriller Genres
  13. Western Genres